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How to Add USDT to Metamask in the Avalance C-Chain Network

Jul 26, 2023

First Step: Launch Metamask

To open your Metamask wallet, launch the application on your preferred web browser. Make sure you are connected to the Avalance Network C-Chain.

Second Step: Access Token Import Options

After opening your Metamask wallet, proceed to the main interface. Locate and click on the "Import Tokens" button to enable the option for adding custom tokens to your wallet.

Third Step: Enter USDT Token Address

Once you click "Import Tokens," a dialogue box or form will appear, prompting you to enter the necessary details. Paste the USDT token address from SnowTrace.IO in the designated field. It is crucial to ensure that the address is copied accurately. Here are the required details:

Token Address: 0xde3A24028580884448a5397872046a019649b084

Token Symbol: USDT 

Token Decimal: 6

Fourth Step: Click "Add Custom Token"

Once you have entered the USDT token address, proceed to find and click the "Add custom token" button. This step will trigger the token import process to begin.

Fifth Step: Confirm Token Import

After clicking "Add custom token," Metamask will validate the USDT token on the Avalanche C-Chain network. The token details, including the symbol, decimal places, and token name, will be presented for your review. Please ensure that these token details match the USDT Token you intend to import before proceeding.

Sixth Step:  Finalize Token Import

To finalise the process, click the "Import tokens" button. Metamask will import the USDT Token (Avalanche C-Chain network) into your wallet. Subsequently, the token will be visible within your token list.

Congratulations on a successful addition! USDT has now been added to your Metamask wallet. You're all set to make the most of its features!


You can effortlessly import the USDT Token into your Metamask wallet by adhering to the straightforward steps above. Once successfully imported, you'll enjoy seamless access to this digital asset, facilitating efficient management and transactions with USDT on the Arbitrum network. Always double-check the token address for accuracy to ensure a smooth importation process. Now, revel in the advantages of utilising the USDT Token within your Metamask wallet on the Avalanche Network. Happy transacting!

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