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Manga fan coins
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fan coins that earn yield and perpetually grow in value
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The MangaFi platform and all its associated fan coins are proudly brought to you by the Manga Token project

Fan coins are backed by hono
HONO (Kanji: 焱, Kun’yomi: ほのお) is the blazing algorithmic stablecoin at the core of all fan coins acting as a backing asset & trading pair on MangaFi.
HONO is backed by an ETH vault that grows by accumulating platform fees.
And HONO maintains itself in the market with the help of the Comprehensive Harmonizer for Arbitrage Kinetics and Revenue Accumulation (CHAKRA) algorithm
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HONO liquidity YIELD GENERATOR earns you eth
The HONO Yield Generator rewards concentrated liquidity providers with ETH through various real yield revenue streams on MangaFi.
You can harvest your yield daily.
No lock-in period!
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emission directing Votes with xHONO
Revenue sharers of the HONO liquidity pool can direct emissions through staking xHONO on MangaFi.
Increase our DAO pool to get more fan coins launched!
Fan coins grow much faster than HONO in value!
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