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How to Add USDT Token on Arbitrum One to Your Metamask Wallet

Jul 19, 2023


Metamask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet allowing users to manage their digital assets securely. If you want to add the USDT Token on the Arbitrum Network to your Metamask wallet, this article will guide you through the process step by step. By following these instructions, you can import the USDT Token and conveniently access it within your wallet.

Step 1: Launch Metamask

Open your Metamask wallet by accessing the application on your preferred browser. Ensure that you are in the Arbitrum One Network.

Step 2: Access Token Import Options

Once your Metamask wallet is open, navigate to the main interface. Look for the "Import Tokens" button and click on it. This will allow you to add custom tokens to your wallet.

Step 3: Enter USDT Token Address

After clicking on "Import Tokens," you'll be presented with a dialogue box or form where you can enter the relevant details. Paste the USDT token address from ArbiScan in the designated field. Ensure that the address is copied accurately. Here are the details:

Token Address: 0xFd086bC7CD5C481DCC9C85ebE478A1C0b69FCbb9

Token Symbol: USDT 

Token Decimal: 6

Step 4: Click "Add Custom Token"

Once you've entered the USDT token address, locate and click the "Add custom token" button. This action will initiate the token import process.

Step 5: Confirm Token Import

After clicking "Add custom token," Metamask will validate the USDT token on the Arbitrum One network. The token details, such as the symbol, decimal places, and token name, should be displayed for your review. Confirm that the token details align with the USDT Token you wish to import.

Step 6: Finalize Token Import

To complete the process, click the "Import tokens" button. Metamask will import the USDT Token (Arbitrum One) into your wallet. The token will now be visible within your token list.

Congratulations! You have successfully added USDT to your Metamask wallet in the Arbitrum One Network!


By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily import the USDT Token (Arbitrum One) into your Metamask wallet. Once imported, you'll have seamless access to this digital asset, enabling you to manage and transact with USDT on the Arbitrum network efficiently. Ensure that you have copied the correct token address to ensure successful importation. Now you can enjoy the benefits of using the USDT Token within your Metamask wallet on the Arbitrum One network.

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